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This cute face is Tippy.  He had the world’s longest eye lashes and a tremendously sweet heart!  The top photo is the one that was on display at the vet school.  We were there getting answers for Klunkers and the UGA mascot was also there being treated.  He came out to the lobby on a leash, then a team of handlers in red leather jackets surrounded him and put on his jersey then escorted him out to leave.  It was funny to see a team of handlers for a dog, but really as dog lovers and cat lovers, we would do anything for our kids too.  🙂  Makes perfect sense to anyone with furry kids!

4 Kids Just Hanging Out

4Kids 4KidsA 4KidsB

Our house is constantly stacked with blankets and pillows for our kids to hang out on anytime.  And yes, those are puppy stairs next to the couch and next to my Dad’s recliner because Bates has trouble getting up easily.  There’s another set upstairs next to the chair next to the bed so he can reach the bed as well.  Whatever it takes to keep the kids comfortable.