Traveling Again

The kids have been on 5 adventures this year.  Hotels have gotten so much better about traveling with pets compared to the limited options during the long road trips out west in 2010 and 2011.  This year they experienced a roadtrip to Maryland and on to New York in a vrbo with a private rooftop, a trip to St Louis, a quick weekend in Florida and a couple of trips to Nashville.  We saw family, a couple friends, and went to a few concerts.  Nashville has a full size replica of the Parthenon so we visited that as well.  The dogs loved to walk in downtown Nashville.  Polly was afraid of one of the garages and would walk as close to the street as possible while leaning to the side to avoid it.   I couldn’t tell what about it scared her because nothing looked different than the others.  I think she liked it because it gave her tons of new people to pet her.  Beethoven has two luxating patellas but he’s too old for surgery, so we got a dog stroller to take him around.  It helped keep the dogs from being underfoot between the vrbo and the dog park in NY.  There was a dog park on the far end of our block and Washington Square Park in the opposite direction.  Fletch is completely blind now so the dog stroller helped him too.  More pics of that to come!