Take Me To Work


Fletchy is definitely a Daddy’s boy.  He counts the minutes until his Dad gets home.  This day he climbed into the laptop bag as if he wants to go to work too.  Years ago I took Tippy and Bella both to work with me for Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.  They stayed under my desk most of the day, and coworkers came by to meet them and pet them.  Everyone commented how they were so surprised that they stayed quiet all day.  That was pure Bella.  She was so well behaved and she taught Tippy to be the same.  Fletch has an immeasurably big heart, but he likes to break out into glass-shattering loud songs at any random moment.  Based on that he won’t be able to go to work with his Dad any time soon.

Kitty’s New Perch


Cali has a new condo that gives her one more place to check out the outdoors.  The other two face the front yard but this one gives her a better view of the deck and back yard.  The neighbor’s cat likes to come onto the back porch from time to time.  Once I saw her come to the window and swat the glass in an attempt to get to Cali.  Clearly she doesn’t know Cali is tough as nails.  Cali did not flinch.  She had typical don’t-bother-me composure.  If these dogs don’t bug her, an outside cat certainly can’t do it.

Almost Breakfast Time


These two peas in a pod are waiting for their buddy to join them on the porch so everyone can go inside and get breakfast.  Polly is quite food motivated.  Bates is too, but he is very protective and has his routine in the yard of checking out things as far as he can see in all directions.  No squirrels or cats live nearby that don’t already know about him.

Bundled Up Cuteness

batesbomberhat pollybomberhat

It is getting noticeably cooler here so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon these super cute bomber hats for the kids!  They are at the dollar spot in the front of Target and they have hot pink too, but no tiny hot pink ones for Polly at my local one.  I may keep looking at the other locations around here to try to find one.  They also have dog sweaters and coats for $3 but we have plenty of those already.  We don’t regularly get dreadfully cold weather, but occasionally we get that wet sleety snow.   When the kids come in from that, it’s as if they were drizzled with ice water. And of course they want to cuddle up on the couch once they are inside, so these should help keep them dry and toasty, which helps us to be dry and toasty too.  It’s a win for everyone and well, look at those cute faces!  That’s worth it right there.