Sibling Sesh


Everyone’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner so they are hanging out together to let this pass.  Bates and Polly were in position, then Cali came up and took her seat, and Fletch came up last.  He watched the vacuum like you watch a tennis match– back and forth, back and forth.  He likes it the least of all of the kids.


Lil Bit


This throwback is the baby photo of the athlete you’ve come to know as Libby.  We named her Libby because she was such a little bitty girl, coming to us at 2.4 pounds and 8 weeks old.  At the time she shook up the house as a little blur of energy running through the house when we had laid back Tippy and Bella.  Now we have Polly, who is part chihuahua and a tiny ball of energy zipping through our universe.  So many of the things she does brings Libby to mind.  We will always remember Libby and it is even easier to do so when Polly shares some of her quirks and behaviors.

Kitchen Buddies


Cali and Bates like to keep a front row seat on anything happening in the kitchen.  They are in the know when any crumbs hit the ground.  Depending on what it is, they are pretty good to each other regarding sharing. Cali does like to eat whatever hits the ground too, but she also has a bad habit of scooting her toys under the refrigerator.  When we see she’s in there alone, it is usually wise to check under the refrigerator for her toys.  Just recently we found a couple of her really old toys under there.

Look At Our New Visitor


So there was quite a loud racket coming from the backyard Thursday.  It went on long enough that I went to the window to see what all the fuss was about.  I was totally rewarded with this guy sitting on the deck.  When my cell dinged, he turned around to look at me.  He was only there about 5 minutes and then he flew away.  I wonder how many times this happens when we aren’t listening or we are at dinner and don’t get to see all the magic that happens here?  I seriously love this yard.

Kiss The Kitty


Cali has been a part of our family for over 10 years now.  She knew all of our angel kids and now all of our current kids.  Tippy was her best friend when she first got here, and now Bates is her favorite.  She will let him reach in and kiss her face like he’s doing here.  She runs away when Polly tries it.  Fletch is not brave enough to try.  That’s ok, it leaves more time for Cali to hang out with her favorite canine buddy.

Tiny Tyke, Big Hike


Here little Polly is checking out one of our favorite trails.  There are many walkers and joggers passing, and the occasional dog, most of which are large.  Nevermind their size, Polly loves and greets all dogs.  I think if she ever was able to walk without a leash, she would be that tiny little dog running circles around and walking next to the big dogs.  In her eyes they are all equal sizes.

Sing About It


This is Fletchy performing one of his favorite past times…signing.  His volume guarantees that he will have an audience because the neighbors can definitely hear it when he’s outside.  Whether they listen or not, he is signing because it brings him joy.