Sharing A Meal


This is Cali taking the opportunity to sample Bates’ breakfast.  She shares with him so often that the look on his face says he knows he can’t turn her away.  He let her nibble for a while then when he started eating she just sat there and kept him company.   She gets dry food in the daytime and her can of food at night when the dogs are not able to get to it.  It doesn’t stop her from wanting to eat with her siblings too.

Polly In Action


Here on Father’s Day Polly is Mothering her sibling Fletch.  She leans in to take care of one eye, then the other, then they just sat together watching the wildlife in the yard.  We’ve added more furniture in the yard for the humans so that means the kids are able to spend more time outside.

Fast Friends

BATESCALISTAIRSThis is not too long after Bates arrived.  He and Cali have a special bond.  It seems she cannot do enough to feed him in sneaky ways.  Just this week the hubby sat down a slice of sour dough bread then walked off for two seconds.  He started back tracking his steps with a quizzical look on his face.  He said I thought I left it right here and the cat is there, but I don’t see it.  A few feet away on the floor was Bates and the bread.  I suspect she is so sweet and mothering to all the others because she gave birth to a litter of kittens while she was at the rescue and now she’s transferred that love to all the pups.

Miss Cali


Cali has to check out the new-to-us midcentury plant stand from Germany.  I hope she does not think she will fit on the tiny platforms!  Pretty soon it will be covered with pics of my kids and plants on the bottom shelf.