National Dog Day Honors



Happy Belated National Dog Day!  And yes, the kitty is here for a reason.  She always considers herself one of the dogs and they consider her the same.  She is part of their pack.  They are a little team of 4.  All for one and one for all.  Here she is swaddled at the eye vet while waiting to see what the regular vet saw in her remaining eye.  Luckily it was not the lymphoma returning, which was one of the possibilities that we must watch for vigilantly.  Early detection is everything.  Little Miss Polly is lounging in the living room just showing off her enormous ears.  Bates and Fletch were hanging out in the front yard with us before receiving their puppy cuts.  I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: I love my kids!

Fletchy Has His Own Retreat


This little guy likes to find places to make them his home.  This is the cat-going-to-the-vet carrier or the dogs-in-the-hotel before we check the floors for food, stray pills, plastic wrappers, other foreign objects they are not allowed to ingest.  He likes this one during bad weather, and it is nestled under my desk where I work at home.  For everyday housing, he likes to get under one of our skirted dining room chairs.  I’ll take that photo today and share it later.