This was Fletch’s first visit to a local Mexican restaurant.  He made us very proud by sitting the whole time without begging.  You can see from his face that he would have eaten anything if we would have shared.  Since he’s on insulin he has a special prescription food that he must eat so no nachos for the puppy today. This place is near the veterinarian’s office so all of our kids have been here.  One of them has even been inside in a messenger bag but I’ll never tell who.

Puppy Polly


Polly had only been here a couple of months when we took her out in public for the first time.  There were several kids near the fountain that spotted her.  Before we knew it the kids were petting her, holding her, and passing her around so each one could hold her.   She loved the attention.  She loves to kiss anyone she meets and the kids were eating it up.  One of them commented that she is just their size.  The parents asked her breed.  The answer is Papillon-Chichuahua mix.

Is he double jointed?


Is this a normal stance for your dogs?  Bates and Polly both stand like this on a regular basis.  None of my previous furry kids did this. It stands out each time they do it.  They don’t seem to be slowed down by it at all.  They still wrestle, run, jump and play.  I guess they would let us know if it was bothering them.

Two Wingmen


Bates is the Ultimate Wingman in the house.  He’s there as support for everyone.  Fletch is coming out of his shell and trying to reciprocate.  He will lick Bates on the face when Bates comes over as a response to Fletch’s singing episodes.  He hasn’t reached the point where he will do the same for Polly, and definitely not for Cali yet.  Baby steps, baby steps.

Pet Me Now!


When Cali does not want to be ignored, you can expect her to get right in your personal space like this.  She could win any staring contest so don’t even waste your time.  I usually end up taking work calls in one hand and petting Cali or tossing her a toy with the other.