Polly’s Modern House



Polly has adopted this bed as her own house and really it fits her best.  At any time you can find any of the kids spending time in it.  Bates likes to just stick his head in there and nothing more.  I’ve been afraid to post about Fletch for a while but he is stronger than he was before the surgery.  He has an amazing doctor and surgeon that gave him the best care he could have possibly received.  If I didn’t already live near this vet’s office I would actually consider moving to be closer to it.  They are THAT good! Cali is missing the oscillating heater fan.  She’ll snuggle up to the back of my laptop to try to get warmer.  I’ve never considered having a cat wear a sweater non-stop until Cali.  Check back.  You may just see cats in sweaters soon.