Pouncing Polly


By now you know these two are always together.  This is Polly on her way to starting a fight with Bates by pouncing on him.  Their fights consist of the growling noise, but rarely any actual bites.  Polly will bump him with her nose then pull back and growl and bump him somewhere else with her nose.  His method of fighting is more like a game of slaps where he reaches out with his paws.  He is less of a growler than she is, but when he is done fighting, he will let her know by overpowering her and ending the session.



Some days the kitty is friendly, and some days she’s tough stuff not letting anyone past.  This is one of those times when she tried to prevent the dogs from coming up the stairs.  Of course they all ran right past her.

Penthouse View


So this is the top level from Cali’s tallest kitty condo.  She used to sleep here daily.  She has not made the effort to reach the top level too many times since undergoing chemo last year.  Even when she did climb up here, she would do just that.  She would stand on the middle level, stretch out her front paws, and once they were as high up as she would get them, she would pull her back legs up.  She didn’t simply leap from one level to the next like most cats would do.  Perhaps it had something to do with no vision on one side, or maybe she is just a safety girl and took the cautious way up.

Bonding Day


Fletch and Cali are probably the least close connection among all of our kids.  This might be due to Fletch chasing her and only her.  It could be due to Cali lying on the stairs and smacking him on occasion as he goes by.  For whatever reason, they are not as close as all of the other relationships in the house.  This morning Cali sniffed Fletch most of the time when I was preparing their breakfast.  Sunday was bath day after all the dust and clay of Boxerstock so maybe it is the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo she was smelling.  That is the same shampoo we use on her so it should not be new for her.  Not to mention everyone was washed in the same shampoo.  Our vet recommended it when we had Bella and we have just used it for everyone since then.  After this kitchen time, I started working on my laptop in the living room.  Right behind me Fletch and Cali were snuggled the way Polly and Bates normally are, but of course I’d left my phone in the kitchen and couldn’t capture the moment.  For whatever reason, today was a great bonding day for these two.



May I help you?  This is one of Fletch’s “homes”.  I bought it from the non-profit where I volunteered for two years when they were closing.  Thank Goodness because Fletch uses it as his go-to secret hiding spot. His second favorite is the blue dog crate.  That one has a zipper top so I can reach in and give him his insulin without disturbing him too much.  With this chair, I have to coax him out of it before he gets his shot.  Many times I can tell he is under it because his big long tail is sticking out of the side at least partially.  Since he likes to sing, if I let out a quick half note he will start singing to give away his location too.  He will still try to fool me to get out of receiving his shot.  If I start moving the chair, he has learned to move with it.  Crafty little guy!  So now I just open this flap and greet him with it this way.

A Room With A View


One of the reasons we bought this home is because it is nestled in nature and has a peaceful vibe that you just can’t get in a typical neighborhood.  The entire main level has windows like this that are just a few inches off the ground.  That was important because little Bella and Tippy could see out every window while we were away at work.  Six years later we adopted Cali.  She gets more use out of the windows than both of them put together!  I just recently found a short kitty condo in pristine condition at an estate sale for $10 so now she has another option for looking outside.  Most of the time you will see her doing this at one of the windows.  The squirrels are so loud rustling through the leaves this time of year.  That draws her to the windows every time.