May I help you?  This is one of Fletch’s “homes”.  I bought it from the non-profit where I volunteered for two years when they were closing.  Thank Goodness because Fletch uses it as his go-to secret hiding spot. His second favorite is the blue dog crate.  That one has a zipper top so I can reach in and give him his insulin without disturbing him too much.  With this chair, I have to coax him out of it before he gets his shot.  Many times I can tell he is under it because his big long tail is sticking out of the side at least partially.  Since he likes to sing, if I let out a quick half note he will start singing to give away his location too.  He will still try to fool me to get out of receiving his shot.  If I start moving the chair, he has learned to move with it.  Crafty little guy!  So now I just open this flap and greet him with it this way.

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