Charlie’s Angels Pose



Bates and Fletch each have an at-home summer cut.  Thankfully they don’t know I’m not good at giving haircuts. Last year I gave Fletch a mohawk all the way down his back.  It was mostly straight.  If I was going to do that again I would make him stand up the whole time so that it was actually straight.  They are both more comfortable with less hair now.



After this morning’s walk, I removed Polly’s harness and walked into the kitchen to see this.  Bates had picked up Cali’s food bowl from last night.  Obviously it was empty, but this was quite a feat.  He has 8 teeth, and only 4 of them are in the front of his mouth.  He checks her food bowl every morning to see if there are any morsels remaining for him.

Family Love


Fletch was with us about 5 months before we took this trip to see family.  He could not get enough time with my Aunt.  For some reason, he prefers to spend time with Seniors.  As his parents, we’re fine and he loves us, but show him a Grandparent and he runs as fast as he can to sit in their lap and steal all of their attention.  He’s smitten for sure.  Here he was under my Aunt’s reading light and you could not have lured him away from her with a truckload of filet mignon.  He was exactly where he wanted to be!

Instant BFFs


Look how young Polly was here.  Bates’ mane was barely there.  They were both newly adopted and instantly became best friends.  They snuggle up to each other as often as possible and throw personal space out the window.  It makes our house such a special place to have these kids in it!

Packed & Ready To Go


This little guy wants to go anywhere his family plans to go.  This small pet carrier should not fit Fletch.  However, he has a fetish for getting into bags–any bag, any size–so he managed to wiggle himself into this one that is supposed to hold his sister that is less than half his size.  We weren’t done packing yet so he stayed in there for a good hour.  Happy as a clam just waiting for us to all leave as a family!