Fletch Update

We have good news!  Fletch had the tumor removed and it is benign!  It was 1 full pound between the kidney and tumor.  That entire kidney had to be removed so there were plenty of question marks regarding what his reality would be moving forward.  Thankfully, he is happy and energetic. His glucose is normal.   He is still crated to control his activity until the full 6 weeks recovery time.  His time is longer since he is diabetic.  He spent almost two full days with the surgeon’s office and overnight care doctors immediately after surgery.  He was on a soft warm bed and covered in blankets while he was getting fluids.  Pics are: tumor, recovery bed, and back home with Bates and Polly.  His legs are shaved from when they were trying to find a vein so he looks a bit like a poodle right now.