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Meet Fletch.  We adopted him in January 2013.  At the time the rescue estimated he was 5 or 6 years old.  It was shocking because he was the only adoption we’ve ever done that said write a check today and you can take him home.  They did not even ask who our vet was or ask for references.  I hope all of the other pets there found their way to safe and loving homes.  He was very quiet at first.  The next morning when I opened the door to walk him, he screamed like a 911 call for about 3 solid minutes.  All of the hugging and soft talking in the world would not calm him down.  We’re not sure exactly of his past but it took him a year to get past the blood-curdling screams.  He is triggered by solid white dogs, or dogs that are mostly white.  In addition, he will pick his moments to “sing” for extra attention.  Our neighbors know when Fletch likes the weather and wants to stay outside longer because he parks his butt in the yard and sings about it.  He has also learned to play with toys now too.  He is a big sweetheart and a big baby.  Our other dogs are older and smaller, but they are his protectors.  He is good at agility and can jump across a room easily.  One of his favorite things to do is to climb into bags.  Any bag–laptop bag, shopping bag, luggage, anything that even gives the slightest impression that he will fit.  He loves to take roadtrips to see family and visit his cousins.  When he is with family or friends, he will jump into their laps and lay belly to belly and face to face with them.  He loves to go to our town square and eat on outdoor patios at several different restaurants.  He is so well-behaved that the other patrons do not even know he is there until we get up to leave and he hops down out of his chair.  He came to us with a collapsing trachea and just started insulin treatment for diabetes last week.  He tried a high fiber and low carb diet for a couple of weeks with additional exercise in hopes to avoid the insulin but it did not work.  He even tried a session in the water treadmill at the rehab facility.   He did great, and of course there was signing involved.